The Armitage Files

The Third Document

The Inquiry members pore over the latest pages.

One striking feature is the maddeningly vague account of the strange death of an (unnamed) investigator, presumably one of the Inquiry members, in a warehouse somewhere. A couple of names are mentioned, as is the fact that the investigator in question had rented a room near the warehouse, leading to the conclusion that it’s not in Arkham or anywhere close. The investigators make a note of the names mentioned and Dr Freeborn says, “Remember: nobody goes into a warehouse alone.”

Another remarkable incident is the appearance of a strange Yeti-like creature in the Miskatonic Library. The notes include references to a couple of volumes in the library: L. A. Waddell’s Among the Himalayas (1899) and N.A. Tombazi’s Account of a Photographic Expedition to the Southern Glaciers of Kangchenjunga in the Sikkim Himalaya (1926).

More mundane references include the American Preservation League and the “late fortune teller and embezzler” Wolf-Dietrich Gudzuhn. For the former, a quick trip to the student union turns up a few fliers from the odd isolationist group which give a mailing address in Chamberlain, New York. For the latter, Dr Whateley calls up her contact Richard Kirwan who knows a little about Gudzuhn. “He’s down your way. Rents a supposedly haunted house in Kingsport and gives seances for the millionaire’s wives.”

Thomas Jackson pays another visit to the carnival. He talks to one of the Drake brothers and learns that Vladimir’s last name is Krotka. Jackson asks about Sergei Garkalin and Drake tells him that another travelling show has a strongman called “Garkalin the Great.” He doesn’t know Garkalin’s first name, nor does he recall the exact name of the other carnival. He knows it’s run by a guy named Morelli, and thinks it’s just Morelli’s Travelling Carnival or something like that. He’s pretty sure the Morelli show is in upstate New York right now.

Later, Jackson overhears a couple of roustabouts describing a fight between Vladimir and another carnival worker called Mitch. Mitch apparently found out about the incident with Letty O’Fearna and called Vladimir out. “Now, if Vladimir had been able to get hold of ’im, Mitch woulda been in trouble. But he was in the service and knows how to fight. A couple kicks to the knee anna shot on the back of the head and Vladimir went down hard.” His friend thinks that might not have been too smart of Mitch. “Y’know, I’ve known some bullies that would just fold right up if somebody stood up to ‘em and gave ’em a thrashing like that, but I don’t think Vladimir’s one o’ them. I think ol’ Mitch better keep his eyes peeled.” Jackson makes a note to be sure to keep an obvious police presence at the carnival, with a couple of uniformed officers on patrol at all times.



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