Alfie Pivar

The "Half-Human Boy"


The main attraction in the freak tent at the Drake Brothers Carnival.

He’s just under six feet tall, or would be if his spine weren’t twisted so that he walks in a constant stoop. He’s bald, with strangely smooth skin and too-wide, staring eyes. The fingers of his left hand are fused into a curved, three-fingered claw, while his right arm is withered and twisted, the hand held against his chest in a permanent loose fist. At first glance, he reminds the investigators of the strange fish-like men who attacked them at Falcon’s Point, but on second glance the resemblance is mostly in the eyes. Alfie isn’t scaly, doesn’t have obvious gills, and while he does have a strange, unpleasant odor, it’s more earthy and musty than fishy.

In person, Alfie is quiet and soft-spoken, his mumbling voice seems more like a speech impediment than an accent, almost as if his speech organs were as twisted and deformed as his body. He’s happy traveling with the carnival, where he’s mostly treated as just one of the gang.

Alfie Pivar

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