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lton Throckmorton, PhD

Alton is 26 years old (b. 1909). He has just completed his doctorate in Astronomy (with additionally study in physics and chemistry), and is at Miskatonic on a post-doc research grant. He is researching the possibility (or to his thinking, the inevitability) of life on other planets.

His family lived in New England generations ago, but some moved west long ago, and Alton grew up in Ohio, hearing old family legends about a creepy house in Rhode Island (it all sounded extremely un-scientific to him). His father died in the Great War when Alton was 8, and his mother, Georgette remarried Edward Hull, who had been one of her husbands war buddies, and moved to the area after the war to take care of his dead friend’s family. Alton adores his mother and – especially – his stepfather, whom he believes saved the family in their hour of need.

He did his graduate work at University of Chicago, where one of his mentors was Dr. Zolton Blathy, on whom he still relies for guidance. Also, he had a good friend in graduate school, Lawrence Summerhall, who abandoned academia and now runs an inn near Arkham. So when the opportunity to reunite with his dearest friend AND track-down some goofy family history presented itself, he accepted it and came to Miskatonic. However, his novel ideas are not widely accepted, especially among the traditionalist faculty of MU.

Parts of his theories of extra-terrestrial life are linked to the geological differences among planets. His consultations with the geology department have brought him into contact with Professors Dyer and Moore. Moore especially saw his potential for the Armitage group, as his interests in extraterrestrial life and space travel demonstrate his willingness to accept unconventional explanations. However, he is a scientist through and through, and firmly believes in an order, logical universe.

Alton Throckmorton

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