Thomas Jackson

Police Detective


Thomas Jackson is a fifteen year veteran of the Arkham Police Department. He believes in the rightness of the police, and will at least at this stage, be likely to trust that his brother officers have the general good at heart even if they commit minor crimes to achieve that good. In Thomas’ view, the ends absolutely justify the means. His loyalty, if ever called into question, will likely be his former partner, Otis, first, his current partner second, his family third, the rest of the police and the goals of the party in a fight for fourth. By police I do not mean the law. Thomas has zero qualms with taking or planting evidence, breaking into a place or breaking a suspect’s ribs.

Thomas is a widower. Though it has been more than a decade since his wife’s passing (Spanish flu), he still occasionally exploits the sympathy for his own ends. Mary didn’t understand Thomas’ real marriage to his job. And their marriage probably had more to do with them being young and doing what was expected of them than love.

Thomas’ younger brother, Ted, is a student at the University’s medical school. Thomas’ father did well in the markets in the 20’s, and Ted benefited with better access to higher education, which he did well enough in to continue after the bottom fell out of the market and also the Jackson’s finances. Thomas is fiercely protective of his little brother, and has also helped to pay to put him through med school.

Their father still lives in Arkham, but is in increasing need of more care and will likely require a home or will pass on in the next few years at most.

Thomas’ best friend outside of work is Otis, the bartender at Thomas’ local, which he’s frequented since he was old enough to drink, through it’s time as a speakeasy, and again as a proper bar.

Thomas should have connections with the county coroner, but also plenty of local contacts that he either knows personally or are friends of the family.

Thomas Jackson

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