Tag: Boston


  • Horace "Diamond" Walsh

    Horace "Diamond" Walsh used to be a trigger man for one of the state-wide bootlegging outfits. Since Repeal, he's carved himself out a little territory in South Boston, running extortion and vice rackets. Recently, Walsh has been trying to buy his way …

  • Zora Smallidge

    The girlfriend of [[:horace-diamond-walsh | Horace "Diamond" Walsh]], Zora is a native of [[Dixon, Massachusetts | Dixon, Massachusetts]] where until very recently her grandfather [[:elihu-smallidge | Elihu Smallidge]] was the head of the Esoteric Order …

  • Richard Kirwan

    Boston-based science journalist and skeptical investigator of mediums and spiritualists. A correspondent of [[:celestine-whateley | Celestine Whateley]].