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  • Kingsport Yacht Club

    The Kingsport Yacht Club is an exclusive gentleman's club founded in 1870 by Oren Gardiner. His grandson [[:oliver-gardiner | Oliver]] is the current president. Other members: [[:samuel-hepburn | Samuel Hepburn]] Former members: [[:austin-kittrell …

  • Helping Hands

    The Helping Hands in an international organization of community service clubs, founded in Akron, Ohio, in 1863. Local chapters are largely autonomous and focus on charity fundraising and other types of community service. Local chapters exist in most …

  • Horace "Diamond" Walsh

    Horace "Diamond" Walsh used to be a trigger man for one of the state-wide bootlegging outfits. Since Repeal, he's carved himself out a little territory in South Boston, running extortion and vice rackets. Recently, Walsh has been trying to buy his way …

  • Zora Smallidge

    The girlfriend of [[:horace-diamond-walsh | Horace "Diamond" Walsh]], Zora is a native of [[Dixon, Massachusetts | Dixon, Massachusetts]] where until very recently her grandfather [[:elihu-smallidge | Elihu Smallidge]] was the head of the Esoteric Order …

  • Oliver Gardiner

    Early 50s. President of Gardiner Shipping Company and of the [[Kingsport Yacht Club]]. A distant cousin of [[:celestine-whateley | Celestine Whateley]].

  • Lem Finlayson

    Lem is a retired sailor in his late 60s or early 70s, now working as the barman at the [[Kingsport Yacht Club]]. He was the first mate on the penultimate voyage of the "cursed" ship the [[SS Cordelia]].