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  • William Dyer

    born 1880, age 55 Professor of geology, survivor of the first Miskatonic Antarctic Expedition, recently returned from the Western Australia Expedition. Believes strongly in secrecy. Member of the Armitage Inquiry's "inner circle."

  • Warren Rice

    born 1866, age 69 Professor of classical languages, specializing in Semitic and Near Eastern tongues. Pessimistic and pragmatic. Member of the Armitage Inquiry "inner circle." Dr. Rice is a Freemason, though not active in lodge activities.

  • Wingate Peaslee

    born 1900, age 35 Professor of psychology, specializing in abnormal psychology. A devotee of Jung, he is driven by revenge for the suffering of his father, Professor Emeritus Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, who has been in a sanitarium since his return from …

  • Albert Wilmarth

    born 1861, age 74 Chairman of the English Department, specialist in New England folklore. Not a particularly active member of the Inquiry, owing both to his departmental responsiblities and his delicate temperament.

  • Ephraim Sprague

    born 1886, age 49 Essex County medical examiner and private physician. Not directly associated with Miskatonic University (other than the fact that the county morgue is located in St. Mary's Teaching Hospital which is affiliated with the medical school …

  • Agatha Warren Pickman

    born 1849, age 86 The eccentric and domineering head of the Nathaniel Derby Pickman Foundation, which provides financial support for some Inquiry operations. She often calls [[:henry-armitage | Dr. Armitage]] "young man."

  • Celestine Whateley

    age: 29 occupation: Assistant Professor of American Folklore at Miskatonic University Yes, _those_ Whatelys. Celestine’s grandfather is Sawyer Whately, the Squire of Dunwich Township and the patriarch of the ‘undecayed’ branch of the family. …

  • Alton Throckmorton

    lton Throckmorton, PhD Alton is 26 years old (b. 1909). He has just completed his doctorate in Astronomy (with additionally study in physics and chemistry), and is at Miskatonic on a post-doc research grant. He is researching the possibility (or …

  • Thomas Jackson

    Thomas Jackson is a fifteen year veteran of the Arkham Police Department. He believes in the rightness of the police, and will at least at this stage, be likely to trust that his brother officers have the general good at heart even if they commit minor …

  • Tobias Gleford

    Dr. Gleford is an alienist with a private practice in Arkham. He's 56 years old, married to Angeline (nee Mercy) and has a 28 year-old son. His son Jonas is a doctor in New York. Tobias also adjuncts at Miskatonic U in the Psychology Department ( …